God’s anointing

A friend of mine asked me to write a little bit about God’s anointing and how I have seen this in my work as a missionary. I thought I would share this here. It’s not the “full treatment”…my goodness, entire books have been written about this. But it helped me to reflect on what the anointing is, and how it plays out in my life. Maybe God will use this to help you go deeper and higher.

God has said that His goal for us is to be “conformed to the image of His son.” Max Lucado wrote a book about this, called “Just like Jesus.” Most of us don’t feel like we will ever be “just like Jesus”, but God says that is where He is taking us…if we let Him.

I have come to believe that the anointing is God’s stamp of approval on that process. In other words, the closer I am to living my life (and doing ministry) the way Jesus would do it, the stronger the anointing God puts on my life. Honestly, there are times when I’m not very “anointed”, because I’m not doing that great. Other times I feel it so strong! (Don’t confuse this with salvation. I’m not talking about “working” for my salvation. I am saying that God blesses us in ministry when we are doing ministry the way He wants it done.)

Another crucial part about having God’s anointing in my life is understanding that every good thing I am able to accomplish is from Him. I have no gifts or abilities apart from God’s Holy Spirit in my life. I have nothing to offer anybody. But with Him, I have powerful words to speak, and powerful acts to perform. It is amazing…and it’s all Him!

In my life God has given His anointing in various ways. I think about the time that I walked into a house, and met a young lady with deep emotional hurt in her life. God began to pour into me things He wanted to say to her; to minister to her. She began to weep and laugh and get free from the heavy weight she had carried. I talked and prayed with her for 40 or 50 minutes and the whole thing was so beautiful—because it was the Holy Spirit! I just got to be the one who spoke God’s Word and ministered in His name and in His power.

Two things happened following this: one, this was the home of a fellow minister. He told me later that the Lord told him I was coming, and that I was the one that would bring the “key” to this girl’s deliverance. He was ready for me, and just praying along with what God was doing. A true, humble servant of the Lord.

Second, that night really was the key—the turning point—in this girl’s life. If I had a year I could not have prepared what I needed to do and say. In truth, I had no time. I had no idea this opportunity was coming. It did not matter, because what I was to minister was all from Jesus!

Just a few months ago I stood by the bed of a 20 year old, newly married man. He was dying. He had run into a bus on his motorcycle, and had massive internal injuries. He had grown up in church, but was far from God. He had an “attitude” toward God. According to his parents, he did not ever listen to what anyone had to say to him about the Lord. Lots of seething rebellion poured out from him.

I was new in my current location and was just learning the language. I could say good morning, please and thank you, and a few other things, but that was it. I had no interpreter. So why did I even go to see this guy? God told me to go pray for him (in English, of course…right?) and to try to encourage him and his family. But God had bigger plans. I stood by the bed of this dying man and spoke to him for about 15 minutes in his language. I told him everything God told me to say. Then I prayed for him in his language. He wept and was visibly moved by what God said to him through this old “donkey.”

His parents told me later that he requested that I come back to see him. This was a turning point in his life, and he came back to Jesus.

When he got out of the hospital, he gave a strong word to his church, and to all his friends (most of whom also didn’t follow the Lord). God turned his life around. And, it’s a good thing, because, though he was healed from the accident—a flat out miracle of God according to the doctors—he was killed by a gang just a few months later (a case of mistaken identity). The man is in heaven rather than hell because God was able to make this old “donkey” speak a language he did not know!

So, I urge you to go after God! Know Him. Walk with Him. Say what He would say. Do what He would do. Be full of His Holy Spirit every morning! The more like Jesus you are, the more He will place His anointing on you. And I will tell you, there is NOTHING like walking in that, and being used by God to do His work. NOTHING.


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