Every Morning Prayer

The Lord asked me to write an “every morning prayer” – a petition and declaration, if you will. I know in some Christian traditions written prayers are common, but for me, this is a first. I felt I should share it here. At the same time, I urge you to approach the Lord regularly with your own thoughts and words. There is power and usefulness in both types of prayer.

Good morning Lord!

It’s a whole new day, provided by Your gracious hand! Thank You for sleep and refreshment!

Your mercies are new every morning. Whether I face difficult times or joyful times today, Your mercies are new, and Your strength is sufficient for every event and every season. Without You, I can’t even get through a good day. With You, I can conquer and prevail in the worst day Hell can muster! I’m glad You’re with me!

I belong to You, Lord. All that I am is Yours. Take me. Fill me up with You. Use me for Your purposes and Your glory!

Lord, this family is Yours. Please be strong in our midst. Help us to love each other as You love us! Help us to serve each other as You serve us. I ask for Your strong hand on my wife  and each child and grandchild. We DO NOT want to stray from You even a tad! Keep us in Your ways! Please keep us in Your ways!!! These are evil days, but with You, we will stand firm until the END.

Lord, I want to walk with You today. As if You were physically back on earth, and we did everything together today…yes, I want that! Because YOU ARE here by Your Spirit! So when You speak, I want to hear. I also want to remember that You are near, so that I’m reminded to talk to You about things that need Your help and direction.

I’m grateful for the Cross, for cleansing and forgiveness paid in Your precious blood. I’m broken by my sins, and humbled by Your gracious offer of forgiveness and new life. I am so wicked, and yet You reach out to me and lift me up from the trash heap. Oh Lord, You gave it all! Thank You for rescuing one who is not worthy to even have You glance my way. Thank You for Your focused attention!

Lord, purify me. I don’t want to sin in any way. I want to walk with You, with my heart fully devoted to You. Renew my mind by Your Word and by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Change the way I think, the way I act, the way I speak, and the way I react to situations. I want to be like Jesus. Please help me! We both know for that to happen it will have to be You–all YOU!

And when I go through this day:

with my mind and heart renewed by You…

with You by my side, indwelled and empowered by the Holy Spirit…

as a son destined to be conformed to the image of YOUR SON JESUS…

with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying…

with a heart that says a quick and hearty YES to Your directions and commands…

with eyes and heart to see what You see, and do what You would do in each situation…

THEN I KNOW it will be a GREAT DAY! Then I know that You are using me to bring Your Kingdom! Then I know that Your beloved creation will be touched and ministered to, in the mighty name of Jesus! Lives will be touched and changed, because this vessel has been prepared to let You flow through! Mighty things will happen, and I will be there with You to see it happen. I am humbled, Lord. Thank You for letting me have a part in what You are doing.

Keep me today, Lord. Keep my wife and kids and grandkids. Keep us! Use us!

I love You!



About matt24fourteen

One of the kids, longing for the day when we finish His work. Find me on Twitter at matt24fourteen.
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